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Adaptive Space: how companies are transforming themselves into agile organizations

Today we are going to comment on the book Adaptive Space by Michael J. ArenaThe Agile Business Processes, which talks about how companies are optimizing their work process through Agile systems.

It's no secret that companies that implement Agile technology are seeing their profits increase while costs in the production process decrease. The processes of Agile development have come to transform the way you work, making your team much more efficient.

I am currently doing a course on Agile at Udemy, if you do not know this type of work methodology, I advise you to look for information to apply it to your company. AgileThis is a great way for any company to offer a service and product, which takes a process of preparation and development for delivery.

Adaptive Space book summary

Let's go back to the book Adaptive SpaceThe authors of the book, "The Flow of Ideas", give importance to the exploration and flow of ideas through "discovery, development, diffusion and disruption". This flow of ideas, has as a consequence a company that adapts in the business space, is what explains in professor of organizational dynamics Michael J. Arena.

Key ideas of the adaptive space

Main ideas I have taken from the book Adaptive Space by Michael J. Arena. These are personal ideas that I have found most important throughout the book and that revolve around the general idea of adaptability in space that a company should have.

  • In today's business world, the only sure thing is volatilitySo companies require agility in the face of change.
  • To get to have business agilityIn addition, companies constantly hold meetings where new ideas are presented.
  • The ideas obtained form the "adaptive space"where employees share creativity, innovation and connection.
  • Discovery, development and dissemination are the stages through which new ideas flow along the business structure.
  • Discovery of ideasThe new ideas for the improvement of the company's strategy, always focused on progress, are presented.
  • Development of ideasThe team's ideas are presented throughout the organization's departments, where they are improved and polished, taking into account the opinions of its employees.
  • Dissemination of ideasThe ideas are applied in the company with subsequent monitoring to measure the influence of each idea.

Some considerations on Adaptive Space

I love the companies working with Agile. It is true, that depending on the size of each company it is applied differently. In our company App DesignWe always consider creating a work process based on the Agile Sprints to show the client, sometimes it does not take longer than we would like, but the client appreciates the transparency when working.

This book gives the keys to start applying the agile processes in a world of uncertainty. I consider it a very useful base to start in the Agile world, and to be able to adapt it to your company, whether it is a big organization or if you work as freelance designer.

The adaptive space encourages the exchange of ideas without limits. Applying a degree of freedom in the flow of ideas in your company will be a fundamental part of starting to discover new goals in your business.

The Netflix and Blockbuster case

I love books where they explain real case studies to you. In this case, it talks about how Netflix (founded in 1997, 😱 had no idea), was in direct competition with Blockbuster. Netflix eliminated the part where Blockbuster made the most profit, eliminated the late fees, giving the customer the ability to return their movie whenever they wanted.

In 1999, one of Blockbuster's directors proposed a partnership with Netflix, but senior management laughed at the proposal.

You know what happened next, Blockbuster went bankrupt, closing hundreds of thousands of branches worldwide, while Netflix adapted to the change, changing its business plan completely to a new subscription model. Within four years they had over a million subscribers. In 2007, it began streaming videos. In 2013 it began to create its own series that were a success with audiences such as Stranger thingsNetflix is agile and adapts to change, a perfect example to summarize how successful companies adapt to a constantly changing space.

I found it interesting to see examples of companies that have been adapting and constantly changing their business model.

My rating: 10/10 stars. You can tell when you read a book that comes from a university professor, with so many years of experience and practice. The book is available on Amazon, but for the moment only in English.

I leave space for your comments, what do you think about the concepts of the book and above all, I would like to know if you apply or adapt some kind of Agile technology in your company, I will be happy to read your opinions.

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